Women who show more compassion and care for others

Women are completely different from men check this out. Their activities, styles, attitudes and responsibilities, for example, are totally different. They have completely different roles. The role of the woman as a homemaker is universal. Since the change in time, women are more likely to step outside their home and be successful at work.

The way they handle situations is with a great deal of strength and practicality. As a result of their different way of approaching the matter, as well as their distinct roles and responsibilities, they also behave differently. A Columbia University study found that young women and girls are different in their reasons for using drugs. There are also more signals and situations which are high-risk. Females are more susceptible than males to abuse, addiction and other problems. The study, which is taking place over three years, will examine the effects of drug abuse and addiction on women.

We can conclude from these studies that abuse against women is very different than that towards men. Women should get a different kind of treatment. This research led to women’s-only drug rehab facilities. Men’s recovery is different from women’s, because their needs are different.

A study that looked at women in a cross section found those born post-World War II to have a greater likelihood of becoming addicted to alcohol. The situation has remained the same for men. Women’s addiction is associated with a number of risks, the main one being that of being taken advantage of.

Women are also at greater risk of attack and other dangers. The weight difference between women and males makes it easier for females to consume alcohol or drugs. Other factors can increase the susceptibility of women to deadly diseases. As children develop, they become more vulnerable to disabilities. They are also more likely to suffer brain damage, memory loss or both than men. As men and woman represent two separate identities it is impossible to weigh them both on the one scale.

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