What’s the need for the use of sodium in your water softener?

You know that salt is crucial to the optimal working of your water softener. However, have you ever considered the reasons why sodium is essential to ensure the best water softeners, visit us? The secret is in its unique properties, which make up the chemistry behind water softening.

To avoid issues such as limescale and soap scum, water softeners get rid of the minerals in hard water. This can be accomplished with water softeners using the ion exchange process. Water softeners use resin beads to ward off positively charged ions. However, the water, contains negatively-charged calcium and magnesium ions. So instead of the hard water minerals that remain in the water sodium ions derived from the salt contained in the water softener’s reservoir release.

Then why does the water softener at your home require salt? It’s the result of several sodium properties which hold the answer. The positive-charged sodium ions replace negatively charged hard water minerals. The high solubility of sodium ions in water implies that they can be easily filtered out by the water softener and spread throughout the water system.

Why can’t I use table salt in order to soften water? It’s the quality of salt that is crucial. Salt used to soften water is not only the salt you find in your table. It’s 99.9 100% pure, and doesn’t contain any substances or fillers. It’s important to make sure that the salt is dissolving properly to avoid water softeners and other plumbing problems.

It is important to consider the benefits of water softener, even though the salt requirements of a water softener might seem to be a hassle. Apart from preventing the wear and tear of electronics, textiles or hair products, water softener facilitates more efficient cleaning. If you want to enjoy the numerous benefits of water softening, keep in mind every time you add salt to the water softener you make a long-term investment to ensure the wellbeing of your family and the value of your property.

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