What To Do Before Cosmetic Surgery

My patients often ask: “Do you believe I’m prepared for a palastic procedure?” It is a simple question that deserves a more complex answer. The plastic surgeons can’t answer many of the important questions for patients, more info.

This question is not just about physical attributes. Prior to undergoing any kind of plastic surgery, it is important that patients consider all their concerns. Many people have spoken about how to prepare for surgery. However, based on my own experience, these three points are what I would consider to be the “big 3”.

You should research the medical procedures that interest you, and your doctor(s). Internet sites can be misleading or inaccurate, but also provide a wealth of information. Once again, be a student and ask your surgeon all the appropriate questions. Expecting that your plastic surgeon will cover every aspect of the procedure is unrealistic. Let others not dictate how you should learn.

Can you really afford cosmetic surgery, secondly. My life’s economic choices are mostly based not on necessity but desire. I am not in a position to know if the money spent is efficient. In order to help my patients make a more informed choice about their procedure, I educate them on economics. What’s your buffer for a complication? In the event of complications, you might incur more expenses or need additional time at work. Think about elective plastic surgery. Many plastic surgery patients are unhappy with this part of the procedure.

You should be prepared to accept the possibility of complications after plastic surgery. Not rarely. Plastic surgery is a relatively minor procedure. A few aren’t. As with a crash, there are adverse effects. It isn’t just the “other” guy who could be affected. Taking this psychologically into account is essential. It always takes longer than you expect to recover from cosmetic surgery. The article is not the same. The recovery time from an operation complication will be much longer.

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