What To Do After A Police Stop For DUI

Certain bad things occur to those who are otherwise great. Maybe you made a poor choice to drive drunk and you were pulled over for DUI or maybe it was an unlucky arrest and you’re only guilty of getting in the wrong place and at the wrong moment. If you’re in search of a DUI attorney, it’s crucial to locate one that has experience, that is knowledgeable about the law, and is fluent in the Pennsylvania DUI regulations. Before getting to the point of getting in touch with a lawyer, there are some things you should do when you are stopped for suspicion of DUI. Recommended reading?

It’s crucial to first determine the extent to which law enforcement personnel noticed behavior that lead them to suspect the driver was driving under the alcohol. Did police officers see the driver speeding or other signs of intoxication? Was the arrest made in a DUI checkpoint? Was the accident caused by the victim? Obtaining this information is vital since if the officer’s performed an arrest without the proper cause there is a possibility to get the evidence thrown out and the charges dropped. Police officers employ the following signs to know if an individual has consumed alcohol:

A wide turn radius.

In the middle of a line of a

“appearing drunk,” or “appearing drunk”


Speed of more than 10 miles lower than the speed limitation

Why should you stop at the middle of the road.

Brake erratically

People who are stopped for suspicion of DUI cannot be required to provide answers to questions that are designed to give evidence. If you are stopped for traffic there is no need to seek out a attorney. Be calm, professional and do not yell at officers. There may be no way to meet with your attorney straight away. But, if you let your concern be known to the police officer, they might not be as likely to ask you about your actions before your arrest.

The right of a person to refuse field sobriety or blood/urine tests to determine whether or not you’ve consumed alcohol, however, you should be aware that the refusal of such tests could be read as an implicit admission of guilt. This could have adverse effects.

If you’re arrested for DUI After being arrested, DUI lawyers in Philadelphia will assist you as well as defend your rights. For Pennsylvania, DUI offenses are broken into three tiers depending on the blood alcohol level (BAC) of the suspect. BAC’s of between 0.08 percent and 0.10% are in the lower tier, between 0.11% and 0.16 percent are in the middle tier and above 0.16 percentage places the person accused in the highest tier. Each tier is governed by specific penalty that is associated with the tier. To fully comprehend these penalties and their implications, you need to contact a Chester County DUI attorney who is experienced in dealing the issues. You may qualify through the Assisted Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program the pre-trial program to non-violent offenders who do not have a prior record, to avoid jail time and have the license suspended for just 3 months. That’s much shorter than what it would cost should you be convicted of DUI.

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