This simple method can detect fake moldavite

Crystal collectors have long been fascinated by real moldavite, a beautiful green stone with an enigmatically mysterious past. It is believed to be from a different planet. Unfortunately, with its increasing popularity, there are more and cheaper knockoffs. These conmen should be avoided at all cost. Fake Moldavite can be easily identified with the right information, read here?

We’ll start by defining moldavite. This is tektite – a natural glass that forms when a meteorite hits the Earth. Moldavite is a beautiful and rare stone that’s mostly found in the Czech Republic. It is a rare stone, which has made it a popular target of forgers. Look for bubbles and inclusions. Genuine Moldavite can have microscopic inclusions and bubbles, which give it an airy feel. Fake Moldavite is often too uniform and flawless in appearance.

Color is important. Real moldavite can be found in many shades of green, from light to dark. However, it must have depth, regardless of the color. Moldavite that is too dazzling, or with an unusual tint could be a fake. Look at the outside. Genuine Moldavite is distinguished from other materials by the presence of micro-pits and ridges. Moldavite with a smooth texture or a texture that looks artificial is not likely to be genuine.

Weight it. Due to its density, it is important that moldavite feels solid when held. Moldavite must feel substantial, not hollow or plasticky. Learn more. Look into the seller or manufacturer if you are concerned about the authenticity. Check the ratings and reviews of the seller to determine if they are known for selling fake crystals.

Remember that this criteria is not absolute. You can improve your odds of finding a fake by thoroughly inspecting the crystal and using your own judgment. Why even consider Moldavite then? It is said to be a powerful therapy that helps in the elimination of physical and mental obstacles.

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