The Story of Moldavite, Why is it so rare?

Moldavite is the stone from outer space. You might have heard about it. But what makes Moldavite so sought-after? click here.

The tale of the stone’s mystical powers and deep-colored greens began over 14,000,000 years ago in Czech Republic. It was created from the remnants of a large meteoric collision. While the stone does not come directly from space, it was the speed and acceleration of the cosmic event as well as its impact on Earth that caused the crystallisation which created this valuable and powerful stone. Moldavite is rarer than diamonds. It will make a significant and lasting impact on your life. This high frequency stone will take away everything that isn’t in your best interest.

Moldavite is the ultimate stone to empower women. It brings new earth experiences and makes life more meaningful for you. There is no limit to what you can achieve in the realms of heaven and earth. Look at our amazing, ethically mined Moldavite products, both in-store and online, when you feel the call. Every piece of Moldavite comes complete with an authenticity certificate. This ensures that you’re getting authentic Moldavite. Get ready to go! The increasing rarity and price of Moldavite will make it difficult for you to wait. Let your intuition guide you to your perfect piece.

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