Take on Tough Stains with this Guide for Spotless Upholstery

It’s the living room, a space for socialization, relaxation, and…oh, spills. As if your upholstery was an incredibly magnet, it attracts all kinds of stains. There’s no need to worry. Upholstery cleaning north beaches knows how to remove any blemishes – read more!

Here’s a classic: the horrendous red wine spill. White wine is a trick you might have heard before, but it may not work for your situation. Here’s an alternative: Blot and don’t rub. Clean a stain to remove as much liquid and as quickly as possible. To remove the stain, mix a tablespoonful of dish soap in two cups cold water. Gently dab this mixture onto the area. Next, rinse with a clean, soaked cloth in cold, lukewarm water.

Ink may also be responsible for causing a heartbeat to skip. To make your couch look like a work of art, dip a cotton pad in rubbing-alcohol and apply it to the stain. Alcohol lifts up the ink. If the stain is faded away, use a slightly damp cloth.

The bi-weekly coffee spill. Don’t panic. Blot up the excess liquid. Add a bit of liquid detergent and warm water to the mixture. Use a damp cloth to apply the mixture. Wipe the stain until it is removed. After rinsing with cool, clean water, blot the stained area until it disappears.

It is no surprise that pet owners are familiar with the task of removing urine staining. You can remove the stain by applying equal quantities of white water and vinegar. Then, dab it with a towel to dry it. Take your pet for an extra walk.

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