Stones that Heal

It’s not just you who wondered if healing stones were a true fact or a story told by housewives read more here. Millions of people all over the world are unaware that stones can heal.

What types of stones are used for healing?

Gemstones can be used to heal. Since centuries, gemstones are used to replace traditional healing methods. This trend seemed more prevalent in 1980s. This amazing healing technique has been proven to work in America, Europe, Africa. It is evident more in Egypt and Africa. Cleopatra’s daughters, Mentuhetop and Cleopatra were among the healer Queens.

It is a papyrus that dates back to around 1600 BCE. It gives a true description of Lapis Lazuli.

The priests-healers of ancient Lemuria were familiar with a unique Earth-based treatment method which used gems and crystals.

Despite the fact that there is no official medical support, people still trust stones for healing. Gemstones and crystals are effective in improving these conditions.

* Increase self-confidence
* Increase your physic skill
* Heal yourself body, mind, & spirit

Crystals can encode all types of energy. It is well-known that crystals and gems have endless benefits.

You can use these energies to heal and transform in many different ways. The healing energies of crystals and Reiki can be combined. Crystals may be used to improve Reiki Healing by channeling Reiki energy through them. Combining musical instruments with crystals can enhance sound healing.

If you want to improve your meditation, hold gemstones and crystals in your hands. Or place them directly on the energy centres of the chakras. Attach a little felt to the Third Eye. Imagine is essential to successful gemstone healing. It should be free flowing.

They believe that stones are healing when they gravitate towards a certain stone. Wearing that particular stone will make one feel calm and happy. It is at this time that gemstone healing begins. The stone’s healing energy travels to the wearer/owner.

Healing can last up to a week. You can wear healing gemstones as jewelry while sleeping or keep them close by.

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