Stone Tile Floor Restoration – Reviving Splendor

Natural beauty and long-lasting quality of stone tile floors are popular in many homes. They require, as with any natural product, special care to ensure that they maintain their luster. Restoring stone tile floors back to their former glory is more challenging than cleaning your carpet. This journey is not about cleaning up dirt or grime, but about restoring the beauty and natural stone – visit us!

First, it is necessary to identify the type of stone. Each of the varieties, marble, slate, granite, and limestone have their own unique characteristics. It is not uncommon for marble, which is appreciated for its beauty, to be subjected to scratches or etching. If not sealed correctly, granite, despite being harder and durable, may still stain. Slate’s rustic look can fade and crack over time. With its porous, soft limestone, limestone is particularly prone to wear. Knowledge is key because it determines what cleaning method and product to use.

When the stone has been identified, the cleaning process begins. There’s more to it than a quick mop. You need to use cleaners formulated especially for stone tile surfaces. This cleaner removes dirt and stains while not damaging the surface. It may be necessary to treat more stubborn stains with a stain removal poultice.

Cleansing is just one part of the equation. As stone tiles age, they can begin to lose their sheen. It is here that polishing can be used. Achieving a polished stone floor is an art that takes both skill and time. Abrasives of increasing fineness are used to smooth the surface until it regains its sheen. This procedure not only brings back the original beauty to your flooring, it also serves as a protective barrier against further damage.

It is important to seal the stone as the final step. It is important to use a sealant of good quality that will provide protection against spills. It is necessary to reapply this sealant periodically, depending upon the amount of traffic in the area.

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