Small Business Storage Solutions. Self-Storage Facilities

When you are starting a small home-based company read full report, you may find that your existing location cannot accommodate your storage requirements. Perhaps you have a small home or your garage is full. Perhaps your landlord isn’t keen on cluttering up the backyard, or you might rent an apartment with limited storage. There may be a solution for your small-business storage needs. Self-storage options are everywhere! You will likely find one nearby or along a route you regularly travel. The majority of plumbers, electricians or carpenters working as self-employed mechanics have large amounts of equipment and tools that they need but don’t use often. Many wholesalers and retailers have large inventories that are difficult to organize at home. A conveniently located self storage locker can offer you the additional space you need, and easy access your equipment or merchandise.

If you are looking to rent self-storage space for business purposes, here are some questions you should ask the owner. You might need to maintain the equipment. Is the unit equipped with a light and an electrical outlet? If so, will the company permit such maintenance work? Some self-storage lockers have climate control. Others don’t. If you are looking to keep your business assets safe from extreme temperatures or high humidity, find out if climate-controlled units may be available. Ask about the security features available at self-storage facilities. Are there security cameras installed and are the grounds regularly plowed? Are the grounds well-lit, and are they maintained properly? Is the security barrier intact and only tenants have access to it? Is there evidence of break-ins in the past? Are sprinkler and fire alarm systems currently in use?

Storage units usually offer basic insurance, which may not be sufficient to cover your entire contents. For additional protection of your investment in equipment and merchandise, consider buying insurance. Self-storage lockers may be covered by some homeowners’ insurance. Calculate how much space you’ll need by placing your items or merchandise in the yard and measuring its square footage. Do not forget to give yourself enough room to move around and move your merchandise or equipment in and out. You can add shelving units or file cabinet to your self-storage unit to increase storage capacity. Or hang a peg board (ask facility first) so that you have access to hand tools.

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