Roof Maintenance Basics And Long Term Care

It’s easy to argue that the roof is the most crucial component of any building or home going here. Even though there are other components that are essential, such as the walls, flooring, plumbing and insulation, a roof is what separates you from the outdoors. You should therefore take special care of it as a responsible real estate investor. Continue reading for the basics on roof care.

Roof Care is Important

Roofs are made to last. You can expect a roof to last 30-50 years with proper care. This is dependent on a variety of factors, including local climate patterns, the quality of the installation, roofing material and other aspects. Roof repairs can also be costly and time-consuming, so do your best to prevent damage. Some of the most common repairs caused by poor maintenance are missing or cracked shingles. Other issues include curled or warped tiles, discoloration and water leaks.

Roof Maintenance: Daily and Seasonal

You only need a few additional minutes from your normal day to create a routine for roof maintenance. Every day, take the time to look over your rooftop. Look out for any signs of damage, or problems that are obvious to you. For example, the roof repairs listed above. If you have snow on your roof or house, an inspection every day is a great way to avoid water leaks, damage to gutters, and ice jams.

In the autumn, leaves and branches may accumulate and cause damage to shingles. They also can attract pests and wildlife that can be a nuisance. Removing leaves and other natural debris as well trimming back obstructive branches can help to protect your roofing for years. In spring and the summer, heat and rain can pose a serious threat to your roof. These problems can include ivy and moss as well as fungus. In this case you should consult with a licensed roofing professional to discuss your options.

How to Maintain a Roof System

You can start by contacting a licensed roofing contractor for a professional roof inspection. They have the knowledge, tools and training to accurately assess the state of your roof, and can suggest the best long-term and maintenance plan. They will detect any small issues early, fix them and then offer professional advice regarding the best maintenance program to suit your home or business roof.

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