Rhinoplasty Surgery Pros And Cons

Rhinoplasty involves changing the structure and appearance of the nose. This type can also correct the nose’s shape to help a patient with breathing issues full article.

In the next sections, let’s examine the pros as well as the cons of such a type of operation.

Rhinoplasty is a great procedure.

After examining the pros of such a surgery, let us now look at its cons.

Breathing problems can be solved by a nose job. It helps to open the nasal passage, allowing the patient to breathe normally.

Birth Defects: Some people may have birth defects that are difficult to correct, like nasal asymmetry and cartilage deviation. In such a situation, nose surgery with this technique can correct these issues.

Fix Deviated Sphenoid: A deviated sinus can lead chronic breathing issues. But now, everyone can have this surgery and fix the issue because the cost of rhinoplasty is low. This makes the surgery affordable to everyone.

Correct Sinus issues: This type a nose job can be performed in conjunction sinus surgery to solve the main difficulty that a patients is facing.

Solve Nasal Ansymmetry: Both facial and nasal asymmetry are easily corrected with this type of surgery. Rhinoplasty corrects crookedness, a wide nasal bridge and bulbousness.

Increase Self Confidence – As the operation improves the appearance of patients, this in turn increases their self confidence.

Rhinoplasty Cons

Let’s now look at the downsides of Rhinoplasty.

Alteration of Nose. The primary concern with this kind of operation is permanent alteration of the patient’s nasal structure.

Long Recovery Period – It may also take a while for the surgery’s effects to become apparent. This is why you need to be patient when you decide to undergo such a procedure.

Bleeding & Infections: The risks of infection, bruising or reaction to anesthesia and medications are the same as any other surgery.

There are also risks associated with this type of surgery, including the possibility of a burst vessel which could lead to red spots developing on the patient’s underside nose.

Septal perforation: A small hole in the septum can result if surgery is not done at a reputable hospital. This type of gap can cause turbulence or a whistle sound when the patient sings, speaks, or breathes.

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