Reishi Mushrooms, Medicine of Kings and Immortality

Reishi, or Ganodermalucidum (also known in Chinese as Lingzhi), has long been used by herbalists as an extremely effective herb medicine. Lingzhi has a long history of use as a herbal medicine. It is also called “all-healing” in China. Be prepared to only think of this parasite. A parasite, Reishi grows on trees like maples and oaks. Most commonly found in China and Korea, the species is also found growing in Japan. Reishi is not only found in woods, but can also grown. If you have been told about the healing power of mushrooms, like Cordyceps for example, then you probably expect them to provide you with some astonishing health benefits. As you might have expected, Cordyceps is a mushroom that can help boost immunity, combat serious illnesses like cancer, and even control heart conditions. You can see soul cybin for more information.

What is the secret behind a fungus as powerful and revered by many for its magical properties? Lingzhi’s medicinal properties have been extensively studied by the Eastern traditional medical sciences. Some of these studies are even better than what is offered through conventional medicine. Reishi has similar effects to most mushrooms. Reishi can improve the function of your immune system, and also help you fight off viruses and bacteria.

Chinese medicine scientists referred to this mushroom as “Medicine of Kings”. Shi-Jean Lee (one of the greatest Chinese physicians and medical researchers from the Ming Dynasty) has confirmed the efficacy of this mushroom. Dr. Shi-Jean Lee stated, “lingzhi helps build a strong body, and live a long and healthy life”. This is not surprising, as the effectiveness of mushroom in fighting off viruses has been well documented. Their ability to control stress is another reason why they are so widely accepted.

Reishi or Lingzhi has proven to have a great effect on stress and coronary artery disorder-related heart attacks. Alternative practitioners of medicine recommend the mushrooms when treating these conditions. Reishi’s effectiveness in treating or preventing diseases like hypothyroidism is proven by the wide usage of this mushroom for cardiovascular problems, insomnia and hypertension. Reishi can also be found in formulas that treat immune disorders, like the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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