Quick Guide To Car Detailing

No doubt, we are passionate about keeping our cars as clean and neat as possible. Everyday, your car is subject to environmental exposures visit us. Your car is exposed to all kinds of environmental elements: weather elements, debris, salt, dirt dust, water and sun. The most important thing when it comes to painting the exterior of your vehicle, and its paint, is to be gentle. They are your car’s worst enemy. Avoid scratches and swirl marks to keep your car looking amazing!

The dirt and grime you rub into your car’s paint can cause swirl marks and scratches. It is important to ensure that all items that come into contact with your car’s painted surfaces are ultra soft. Don’t use hard bristle brush at DIY car washing bays. Also, protect your car against the elements. You can protect your car from the elements by parking it in a garage. For environmental protection, ensure that your car is protected with a wax sealant.

Begin by applying a paint sealant. After that, you can apply a layer of wax. It is important to apply wax frequently, as carnauba wax can only last 3 months. However, a quality paint sealant will last anywhere from 8-12months. It accomplishes a few important things. It will make your job easier, remove bird droppings, dirt, and stop the paint oxidizing. Also, depending on the wax used, it can make your paint look very wet/deep/slick. If you plan to detail your car, make sure it is in cool shade so that the sun doesn’t heat the wax. Some waxes are also safe to be used outdoors. It is important to not wax your car in extreme heat or cold temperatures. You will need an applicator to apply the wax. However, some waxes are more easily applied by hand.

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