Question To Ask About Lower Eyelid Surgery

Understanding both is important. Both are important to know. Lower eyelid surgery aims to reduce bags below the eyelids and achieve a younger look. Prior to any type of surgery, you should speak to an experienced surgeon. This article provides you with some questions to ask your surgeon during your consultation, more info.

What type of incisions are you planning to make?

Different ways can be used to reach the lower lid. Some of these cuts are hidden from view. There are other incisions that can be made under the eyelash line and heal almost to an invisible level. This depends on several factors which your surgeon can describe in more detail.

What should I do if the lower part of my lid is not tight?

To perform lower eyelid surgeries properly, it is important that the eyelid be tight. The risk that eyelids will be pulled down is higher if the eyelids were not tight enough. You may also experience dry eye or an exposure of the eyes. The doctor pulls out the lower bottom eyelid and pinches it to check for any looseness. Lower eyelids may be too loose when the doctor has to spend some time pulling them back, or if they need to blink several times before returning to their original position. A procedure can tighten lower eyelids. It can be done in conjunction with lower eyelid surgeries.

Can this surgery reduce bags or wrinkles below the eyes?

Bags below the eyelids are most commonly caused by pseudoherniation. This means that the amount of normal fat that surrounds the eyeball pushes past the outer edges of the socket, which causes the bags. The surgery on the lower eyelid won’t work if you have bags that are actually in the cheek. ASK the doctor if a surgery of the lower lid can correct discoloration. Dark circles can be caused by shadows of fat. This can sometimes be caused by discoloration of the skin. If pigment is a problem, you may need to perform additional procedures in order to remove the discoloration below the eye.

When will I be able to return to work?

Even though every case of a patient is different, in general, the things that keep a person away from their regular routine are swelling, bruising and bleeding. The swelling, bleeding and bruising will vary depending on how you treat the eyelid. Discuss with your surgeon how long you are likely to be away from normal activities.

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