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He should be smelling nice get more information. The majority of us will have heard, or read, this response from a lady when asked about the most attractive qualities in men. You cannot ignore the importance and benefits of good grooming.

Men can select from a wide range of mens perfumes when shopping online. You’ll find it hard to choose among the many available options.

These are some useful tips to assist you.

Fragrance Guide

The price of a perfume can be determined by its concentration. It helps you decide the budget for your fragrance based on its concentration.

* Parfum: It’s the most expensive and highly concentrated fragrance. It contains between 20-30% pure scent essence. This perfume can last all day long with only one application.

EDP is considered a milder version of perfume. It is composed of 15-20% pure fragrance extract and a tiny amount of alcohol. You will need to apply it several times throughout the entire day.

EDT (Eau de Toilette), the milder version of EDT, is made from 5-15% pure scent essence dissolved into alcohol. It is only lasting a short time.

Cologne and Eau de Cologne describe the masculine fragrances that are most commonly used. It is composed usually of 2 to 4% fragrance oils, alcohol and/or water. The scent lasts for no more than two hours.


Each international men’s fragrance is composed of several “notes”, that are then combined together to create the fragrance. They are usually classified into the following categories.

The first thing you smell when you apply a perfume is these. They can determine if a fragrance is earthy, floral, masculine or fruity. They typically disappear as soon as they explode.

* Heart notes. The note of the heart appears after top note. The fragrances are mellower and more subtle.

These notes follow the top note. The base notes have a tendency to be deep, rich and solid. The base gives a perfume character that gets better over time.


You should test the scent on your body before you buy it. This is due to the fact that each individual has a unique set of hormones and scents.

You will discover some of the most popular men’s perfumes.

* Al Ameer

This exclusive fragrance for men is a true luxurious product. It is a blend of smoky black pepper and white cardamom. Geranium brings a touch of citrusy notes. The base and middle note of Sandalwood is complemented by Turkish Rose Oil.

* Noir

This fragrance (pronounced “Nooahr”) is the perfect combination between style and simplicity. This sophisticated blend is a perfect mix of Tahitian Woods. spicy notes are also present, as well as a hint of Vanilla. This fragrance is equally comfortable in a relaxed business meeting or an evening of relaxation.

The Royal

This exclusive men’s fragrance, with its blends including Bulgarian Rose and Madagascar Vanilla & Vetiver Java is for the more plush of us!

Mystic sea

This fragrance captures beautifully the mysterious and mystical nature of the sea. It begins with the zesty citrus notes of Sicilian Lemons and Yuzu Citrons. Glacier Water accord with White Musk is the next fine aroma. We describe this as the perfect scent to suit those who enjoy mystery. It is a popular men’s scent.

* Rouge

Here’s one for all of the men! This versatile fragrance is pronouced “Rojsh”. This versatile fragrance is pronounced “Ro-jsh”.

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