Personalization of education: How services like “Take my class for Me”

Are you familiar with the phrase “Hey, could you take my classes for me?”? This is no longer just an idle student’s wishful thinking. The new model of learning is redefining the concept. Jump in to explore this crazy maze. Recommended site!

Face it, these services have a lot of controversy. Be the devil’s advocate. If these services were to need understanding, how would that be? Are they promoting individualized education unintentionally or not? The service should be able to adapt education according to the individual’s needs, rather than vice-versa. That’s cool.

Imagine working two full-time jobs, raising children, and improving through education. A traditional education is like trying square pegs into round holes. As the system screams “KEEP UP OR DROPP OUT!” class-taking companies enter with a statement like “Relax.

Do we lose the core of education? Education extends beyond completing boxes on a test and submitting it. To grow, learn and enjoy learning is the goal. Recall the pretty way when someone was steering your educational ship.

What about their tutors? What do you think? Are these tutors academic mercenaries – or heroes of the unsung? While they are studying, they explain complicated theories. Similar to ghostwriting, but in the education field. Ethical? This is a grey area. The alternative schools fill the void that still exists in traditional education.

Please take note that this is not an advertisement for these services. Could we ignore their cry for help? What can we do? Students shout “Make life fit education, not vice versa!”

Why is individualized instruction so important? It’s time to break away from the norm. Customized education where the students can learn their way. As if you were wearing a tailored suit. Why stick to the same education for everyone when you can tailor your own?

Now let’s get back to our learning. What happens if you’re not the only one taking your class? A diploma is possible, or you might receive a respectable grade. Then what? Don’t we lose the true value of an education?

These services only serve as a bandage for an even bigger problem. The class-taking services only provide a short-term fix to the education system’s inability to keep up with a rapidly changing world. Consider it outdated?

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