Online class Registration is a Popular Trend

Education industry is slowly maturing. Even though online education in the country is only in its infancy, many premier institutes add online courses to curricula alongside their traditional classes. Many K-12 educational institutions have partnered with foreign university to deliver courses accessible by students all around the world. We are also seeing a growth in the sector of career counseling. Numerous enterprises across the country are now offering classes for professional growth. As a result, solutions like online class-registration software are in high demand. Recommended reading?

The benefits to the user of an online registration system for classes:

Indian education institutes will enjoy many benefits by using online class registration software. Some of its key advantages include:

Online class registration form creation and uploading that is accessible by all users from around the globe 24/7.

Acceptance of online fees for registration via the secure payment solutions supported by payment management solution

The bulk email messaging tool can automate communication by email, for example, sending notifications, newsletters, or confirmations.

Waiting list management for maximum attendance at classes

Promote classes with free online marketing tools like online calendars or online course catalogues

Convenient promotions on social networks from your application using the Social Media Connector

Cloud-based storage for contact information of faculty and students

Share class module and improve student-teacher interactions

Conducting surveys and polls with the survey creation tool

Custom reporting tools to analyze the performance of classes using relevant metrics

Moodle and similar learning management system users can benefit from an additional connector to easily manage their registrations.

Student accreditation and reward points management system embedded in the course.

This online registration system is user-friendly and cloud-based. It is easy to install in any organisational setup. You don’t need to hire an IT person to install it. Since it is hosted as software-as-a-service, users do not have to pay any monthly or annual license renewal and hosting fees. Installing or maintaining additional hardware and software is not required. Depending on what the user needs, he can select either the basic or advanced version. This latter comes with many additional features and functionalities. This online management system is highly useful for Indian educators.

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