Moldavite, the elusive moldavite: why is it so rare?

Moldavite has a special quality that is enhanced by its rarity. Why is moldavite rare? Inner Vision Crystals is the source of this word; it’s possible to buy moldavite, additional info!

Moldavite can only be found in one country, and that is the Czech Republic. The Bohemian Massif is a southern region of the Czech Republic. Moldavite is in limited supply, so it’s difficult to find.

Moldavite is rare for other reasons. Moldavite is also a form of tektite (a glass formed when a large meteorite hits the Earth’s surface). The impact heat and pressure causes the rocks and minerals to fuse.

Moldavite, a form of tektite, is also found in other countries, but only the Czech Republic has a direct link to an impact by a meteorite. Its rarity is increased by this.

The story is still not finished. Moldavite can also be a fragile and brittle rock. It has a rough, easily scratched surface due to the high heat and pressure that it is exposed to during its development. It is therefore more difficult to find moldavite that’s free of imperfections.

Fakes and imitations are the last issue. Due to the recent popularity of moldavite, some vendors are selling fake stones. Inner Vision Crystals uses a testing procedure to ensure that their moldavite is genuine.

There you have it, everybody. Moldavite is rare due to several factors, such as its limited geographic distribution, the delicate texture of the surface, and the prevalence of imitations. Inner Vision Crystals has the real thing, and is dedicated to sharing the beauty and strength of this stone with the world.

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