Modern Whirlpool Baths

It is our right and privilege to take a bath in peace. A state-of the-art, modern bathtub is the perfect accompaniment to ultimate relaxation. Visit our website and learn more about what is a whirlpool in hotel.

Jade has a whirlpool tub that can transform your bathroom. The Jade range of whirlpools and airpool baths provide a luxurious way to get rid of stress. Only need to know what you require. The Jade collection takes care of everything else.

If you are only interested in a whirlpool-system, then the Whirlpool 1. You can choose from 11 products: the Como whirlpool. Ibiza whirlpool. Madrid whirlpool. Modena whirlpool. Modena whirlpool. Pico whirlpool. Dee Bow fronted whirlpool. Rectangularo whirlpool. Viso whirlpool. Sicily whirlpool.

If you’re interested, both whirlpools as well as airpools are possible to be added to your baths. You can mix and match the air spa systems 3 with the whirlpool to make a truly enriching bathing experience. You can choose from the Como and Ibiza whirlpools ranges.

Each system comes with an on/off switch as well as 2 directional air flow control options and whirlpool nozzles. You can also have jets to your back or foot, and suction filters for safety. The tubs generally have a water capacity of 200 liters. Some baths may not have holes for a faucet. However, you can make necessary adjustments as per your request. You can also have an inline heating system, kinetic colour lighting and electronic circuit breakers.

The airspa system 2, which can be used to replace a whirlpool, offers a range of options. Airpools are equipped with an air spa jets and an on-off switch. They can hold approximately 250 liters. Even though the pool is not predrilled for tap holes it can be custom made to suit your needs.

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