Is All-Inclusive Church Management Software the Best Option?

Which CHMS system is better: a single or multiple systems? The best option provides complete church management software. Let’s first look at the detailed description of what features church software should offer. Next, we will discuss why the program comes as an all-in one bundle. It is important to conceal the first portion with all-inclusive software for churches. Read here!

IconCMO’s all-in-one software includes technical support. Although it can seem confusing, the church gets technical support. Each software company offers technical support in a variety of ways. IconCMO software for churches offers technical support via email, phone, and webinars. IconCMO also provides instructions and assistance buttons. Some businesses only offer email support. Worse, some companies have switched to an exclusive email support strategy. They no longer provide phone support and make users wait over 24 hours to receive an email reply.

The turnaround time a church considers acceptable will determine their preference for assistance. Technical support is moving to a turnaround of between 2 and 5 days in most industries. We expect to see this trend in the market for church-related software, even though we haven’t seen it yet. Icon Systems is very satisfied with its fast turnaround times. We don’t plan to change this, but that doesn’t mean we can speak for all businesses.

Software for churches would not be complete without a membership function. Apart from the accounting component that forms the foundation of the rest of the system, membership is the cornerstone. To track donations, for example, users must log in to their account. These are just a few examples of membership as a building block.


Church members can be contacted and texted by email

For small groups to form

Other activities

The database is essential for the system’s functionality. It must be developed from the ground up, as membership is its cornerstone.

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