How often do you need to repair a tiled roof?

It seems that many people hold the common belief that Tile roofs don’t need repairs. It’s strange that there are Chilliwack contractors advertising things like. The advertising claims that “all your roofing troubles are solved once you’ve got a Tile roof installed!” The truth is that this statement cannot be true. The best choice is tile, however it has its own problems. Recommended reading?

Important information about tiles roofing

Tile roofs are installed to ensure a durable, leak proof roofing system. They are the best roofs because they do not retain water. This is especially true during rainy weather. However, there may be occasions where a bit of water seeps through to the felt underneath the tiling. The “Felt” is made up of asphalt based products. Over time a deterioration of ‘felt is common. It becomes fragile as the material ages. As it ages, the material will begin to crack. Water that leaks from the tiled roof will then find its path.

Leaks are caused by damaged penetration pipes or sometimes the area close to the chimney or opening.

And, yes tiles break at times!

If you are wondering “whether tile roof requires repair?” Is it a big yes?

Possible Repair Situations

To fix a leaking roofing when it pours

A tarp can be placed over your roof by your contractor if you notice that your roof is leaking during a heavy downpour. This works temporarily. Then you can perform a comprehensive inspection once the rains have stopped. If you want to install an emergency cover, your roof must be clean and free of moss and algae.

How To Fix Vents

Newer roofs do not generally have this problem. There may be a sudden leaking. However, it’s best to wait until the rain stops. This is because the leak could have been caused by a wind-driven shower. It is possible to use a protective tarp in these situations. Contact your contractor and ask for an inspection. This contractor checks the pipes, and removes any loose debris. The same can be done by simply replacing damaged tiles or moving existing ones.

Damaged Fascia

In older roofing systems, this layer can become damaged. In these situations, the experts examine the whole lower surface from the bottom-up in order to trace the stream of water. To fix damage, the idea is to go right back to the original source.

Break or Slipped tiles

It is possible to have your contractor do some patchwork if the tiles appear broken or damaged. Do not replace an entire section. Instead, patch the area.

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