Following The Flag Code For American Flags

American flags are displayed in many places, including outside or inside government buildings almost every day my website. Flag Code is necessary to display a US flag. If you don’t know what the Flag Code means, it is a list of rules which outlines how to display a US flag from certain flagpoles, in particular situations, and in relation with other flags. This includes flags being displayed outdoors, from your home to those in nearby towns that hang them above the street. Flag Code does not provide a penalty for flag violations, but flags not displayed correctly can be interpreted as disrespect.

Flag Code requirements dictate that the American flag be displayed on flagpoles or staffs. First, the flag should be flown from a staff or pole with the union – or blue fields with stars – on the flags’ right and the viewer’s left. When the American flag is displayed together with other flags on poles in the same area, it should always be in front. If the American flag is displayed at a church, auditorium, or other public place, it should always be in front. The American flag should always be the highest flag on a pole. Other flags can be displayed below. Unless otherwise stated in the Flag Code, the flag must be held at the peak at all times.

A different set of rules applies to American flags displayed on streets. For example, if a flag is placed in the middle of a street, the union must be to its north if that street runs east to south. If it is north to south however, the union will need to be on the easy. The American flag should not be displayed from the building by any individual or company that displays it on a staff. If the flag is flat without a staff or with a staff, it should have the union in its upper left corner.

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