Different Carpet Cleaning Methods Professionals Use

There are many factors that influence the best method of cleaning your carpets. Your carpet cleaner will first consider what type of carpet your carpet is made from useful reference. You can also choose the type of cleaning you want, such as depending on the carpet’s location or drying time. The type of allergy and foot traffic can also impact the choice of cleaning method. Let’s examine the various methods that professionals use to clean carpets. Every one of these methods is unique.

The first method is commonly known as hot water extract or steam cleaning. A jet spray using high pressure is used for this purpose to apply hot water cleaning solutions to the carpet. This solution is combined with dirt, water and other contaminants are then sucked into the carpet by a dry vacuum. It involves several stages that ensure the carpet remains spotless after the cleaning solution has been completely rinsed. This method can be used for heavily stained carpets and is considered the best.

A popular dry cleaning method, or bonnet, is also available. This cleaning method involves using heat and chemicals to dissolve the oil from the fibers. The carpet is completely cleaned using absorbent pads on a rotary machine. While it is not a cheap professional cleaning option, it is quick drying and safe to use with sensitive fibers. This method is less expensive than steam cleaning, but does not provide the same deep cleaning that carpets require. Foam cleaning is the other method. The detergent used in this method is foam. The dirt and foam are then removed using an extraction vacuum. The best thing about foam cleaning is its ease of maintenance. The carpet will still need to be vacuumed after you have finished cleaning it. It is possible for the carpet foam to stick to your floor and attract more dirt.
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