Commercial Kitchen Equipment Buying Guide

Consider a number of factors before purchasing commercial kitchen gear for a food establishment or restaurant look at this. The first thing you need to consider is the type of company and how much they sell. If, for instance, you are opening or running your own shop and expect to prepare most meats and/or cheeses on your own, you should purchase two commercial-grade high-volume slicers. You will use the one to cut meat, and the other to cut cheese.

Stainless steel is a great choice for commercial kitchens. All surfaces in contact will food products should be stainless. The best choice is stainless steel because it is both more sanitary and much easier to keep clean. If you are looking at the kitchen equipment, make sure that all parts which come in contact with your food can easily be removed. They should also be able to either cleaned manually or through a dishwasher. This way, you will know that there are no bacteria on your kitchen equipment due to the inability of cleaning it thoroughly.

Other factors should be considered when purchasing commercial machinery. Many of us live on a budget. The restaurants must also keep their customers happy. While you might be tempted to choose cheaper equipment, it’s not always a good idea. The cost of buying cheap equipment in your kitchen will be high for several reasons. You could be purchasing outdated kitchen equipment when you purchase cheap commercial kitchen equipment. In some cases buying old kitchen equipment could lead to having to replace machinery more often or even risking the inability to find spare parts. The older equipment costs more, is harder to maintain, and uses more electricity.

You may find that the additional cost for better equipment is worth it if you consider the increased profit in the long run. Take for instance the newer technologies being used on cooking equipment. Today’s grills, ovens, and broilers use infrared-spectrum technology. The food is prepared faster and more effectively, but still retains its flavor. You can save energy and cook the food faster, which will increase your profit margin. If you’re looking to cut costs on kitchen equipment that is more expensive, look for products with water saving or self-cleaning functions. Water-saving or self cleaning products can help you save money. Make sure you check the warranty on each product. There will be a malfunction. A good warranty may mean the cost difference between small and large repairs.

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