Choose the right coffee machine

There are many options for coffee equipment, including traditional espresso machines and filter coffeemakers. With a little knowledge you can navigate the world of espresso machines and choose the machine that is right for you. Read this?

In the past, making a cup was as simple as choosing your favourite instant coffee and boiling water. What a difference! Our choices about coffee have changed with the rise of coffee shops all over the world. An incredible 20% of UK households own a coffee maker so that they can enjoy their favorite creations at home.

This is our simple guide to choosing the right coffee machine.

There are many different ways to make your coffee. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular types of coffee machines available.


Cafetieres are a glass or plastic cup with a plunger mechanism that makes ‘proper’ coffee. They are the most affordable way to make it. To make coffee, simply heat some water and add the ground coffee to the cafetiere. After it has brewed for a while, you can press down on the plunger until all the grounds are pushed to the bottom. Easy!

To make decent coffee, use a portable power supply (other than boiling water) and around PS10 to get it.

Contra: It is not possible to make espresso, cappuccinos or latte with the same coffee maker as filter coffee.

Filter Coffee Machines

All filter coffee machines can be used in both private and commercial settings. You pour cold water into the top. Then heat it up and drip through filter paper containing your ground espresso. The coffee jug sits on a hotplate. This keeps it warm so you can come back for more.

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