Carpets That Make Rooms Look Wider

The carpet in the family or living room has many uses. The carpet can serve many functions, from laying the tiles to warming your feet as you walk on it, to providing an area for members of the family to relax and unwind. It also reduces the chances that objects will break when they drop to the floor. Of course, the carpet can also be seen in terms of its aesthetic value. To enhance the look of your living room, it is important to understand how to select a high-quality carpet. Visit the page.

It is possible to use carpets in small rooms, such as the family room and living room. With a few tips and tricks you can transform a narrow space into something that looks larger with a simple carpet. How do you do it? How to make your room look bigger by choosing the right carpet

Equilibrate the dimensions of your carpet with the room

First, compare the rug size to that of the room. Don’t let the carpet make your narrow room look more crowded. A carpet shouldn’t cover more than 50 percent of the space. Do not be so small that the carpets appear on their own. Too small a carpet will give the impression of an unbalanced room.

You can adjust the theme to your room

Do you know what your theme is? The carpet should not clash with your existing d├ęcor. For a small room, avoid applying a theme that is too busy, such as the Bohemian look, to keep it looking less crowded.

The Right Colour and Pattern

The carpet color and pattern can also make a room appear more spacious. Choose soft colors such as white, cream or other light shades. If the room is bright, choose carpets with warm colors. Choose a simple motif and avoid large patterns. The use of a striped carpet can lengthen a space.

These are three tips to choose a carpet that will make a small room look bigger. Let’s give it a try!

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