Carpet cleaning: Benefits

Carpets are the most heavily used of all your furnishings more info, and as a result they suffer the most damage. Each time someone enters your house, your carpet is accumulating more dirt particles. Vacuuming only isn’t enough. It is important to have your carpet professionally cleaned every year or two to maintain its life and beauty. Here are 5 reasons to have your carpet cleaned professionally:

The carpet will last longer.

It will make your carpet last longer. Over time, carpet fibres collect dirt, allergens, dust and other debris. This can cause your carpet to look dull and lose its quality.

Proper care and maintenance can extend the life of your carpet to up to ten years! It doesn’t matter how much you take care of your carpet. It can last up to a decade. In between professional carpet cleanings, vacuuming your carpet 1-2x per week will extend its life.

2) Health benefits

Once again, carpets can trap particles like dust, dirt and allergens on the bottom of shoes. The excess dust and allergens may cause breathing issues like asthma. While vacuuming is helpful, a professional cleaner can truly clean and disinfect your carpets. Professional grade cleaning products can deep clean beneath the surface of your carpet, thereby helping to improve the quality of the air in which you and the rest of your family breathe.

Dust and mold protection

Professional carpet cleaning helps prevent many problems, including dust mite invasions. Dust mites may be so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye but this does not make them harmless. They can trigger allergies and make life a bit uncomfortable.

As with dust mites and mold, carpets that have been soiled are more susceptible to developing it. Mold can also thrive in an environment that is typically humid. You will most likely need to replace all your carpets if the mold gets too severe.

4) Overall Appearance

No one enjoys carpets that are dull and dirty. The appearance of your carpet can be affected by spilling wine or having a large number of guests over. Carpet is an expensive investment. Take care of it. Your carpets may need to be cleaned semi-annually or annually depending on the traffic they receive in your home.


If you do not clean your carpets regularly, they can begin to smell. Accidents happen. Animals may urinate or spill their smoothie on your carpet. Over time these accidents can accumulate within your carpet. Even if you vacuum frequently, it is impossible to thoroughly clean your carpet fibers. A professional house and rug cleaning service can help you remove those stains, leaving your carpet smelling new and clean.

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