BBQ make use of grilling

We’ve discussed previously the differences between barbecuing using the BBQ grill or grilling – related site. To learn more about the differences, we recommend to read this article. In a nutshell grilling is the process of cooking food in an open BBQ grill that is heated to extremely high temperatures (i.e. approximately 600 degrees F) typically for very short periods of time.

When grilling is carried out correctly it can provide delicious barbecued meals in a short time. In the cooking of lamb, beef or pork the grilling process produces an emulsion-like crust on the meat’s exterior. The crust seals in the juices from your meal and adds to the overall flavor.

There are hundreds of pages on the internet on BBQ grilling. This article was created to give you an overview of the most important aspects of grilling.

This method is broken down into five steps. We will focus on different kinds of meat.

Five Steps to Successful Charcoal Grilling

Before you start grilling clean the cooking grate of the BBQ grill thoroughly using a wire brush. Many regular barbecue users neglect this step, however when you do, the grit that remain on the grill after the grilling process may cause unpleasant taste in your food.

It’s a good idea after cleaning the grill grate, to spread cooking oil on the surface. This will keep food particles from adhering to the grate as you cook.

Step One: Start Igniting Your Barbecue Grill Coals

Some people make use of wood to make their BBQ grills, but most consumers use lump charcoal, or briquettes. Whatever fuel you decide to use, you’ll need enough to make a layer of hot coals, which extend at least 3 inches over the area where you plan on placing your food. If your food is too near the edges of your burning coals , it’ll cook unevenly.

After you have measured the charcoal, there are numerous methods to light it. The chimney opener is the best option. This is the most efficient method to use in the event that you grill frequently. It’s fast and efficient.

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